Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A little bit of life.

If you have been up to date on whats been going on in my life, you know that it has been a great season. Great ministry moments, a visit from my family and friends from my home church and of course, getting engaged to an incredible man who reflects Jesus better than anyone else I have ever met. And, in the midst of those incredible blessings, I have been preparing myself to come to South Africa to study medical care.

The process to get to this school has been rough. Fundraising was slow, the visa process agrevating, fearing that I wouldn't be able keep up and do well in classes, and the idea of leaving Rwanda and Eric seemed like the hardest thing. And honestly, I almost gave up on coming multiple times. I kept pushing it back in my mind, instead of preparing to come. Soon, it was a week before my flight to Johannesburg and it became real - I was leaving Rwanda for 5 1/2 months. And soon I was on a flight to Cape Town, ready to jump into this new season.

But the crazy (and amazing) thing is this: I know I am exactly where I need to be. I've been in South Africa for about 3ish weeks now, and its been challenging. I already miss Rwanda, I miss my fiance (and, I really like calling him that! =D ), it's cold in Worcester, the food is different, class is intense, there are exams and homework - many things that I'm just so not used to. But yet I feel peace. I feel Jesus closer than I have in a long time. And I have a expectancy on the Lord like never before.

Guys, Jesus is up to something! This school may be intense and rough, I may miss Eric like crazy and  I may want to cry over the fact that I won't see him until December, but... I KNOW my Daddy has something up His sleeve. Maybe he'll show me during lecture phase, maybe he'll wait until outreach, I don't know. But already, I hear his voice. I feel him pulling me in while whispering "Just wait. Come closer...watch!" And I am captive! I am ready to see what he will do! I am ready to be used, to be molded and to be changed by the Lord. He is so incredible!

On another note, enjoy these photo's...
The IPHC team! (L to R: Me, Meghan, Micah and Tutu). We built a tippy tap, a way to have running water for hand washing in a village setting. 

We had a bonfire! (Photo Credit to Meghan Brooks)

Myself, Luke - a DTS student, and Micah (Photo credit to Meghan Brooks)

The veiw in Worcester.