Saturday, August 15, 2015

A little bit of life...

And here is a little bit of my life lately. Over the past seven weeks I have been overloaded with information, given up weekends and almost all free time in order to study. I have had near mental breakdowns induced by stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and going stir crazy. I have had the joy of getting to know my great team (check out the first pic below) and have had so much time to research wedding things on Pinterest. 

So, here are some pics from my life lately. About two weeks ago, me and some lovely people ran away to the ocean. It was my first time seeing the ocean in person! And not only did I see one, but I saw two - the Indian and Atlantic Oceans! The Cape of Good Hope is one of the southernmost points of the continent of Africa and were the two oceans meet. It was fantastic! 

And after this wonderful day, I was ready to get back to work. Which was quite fortunate because the last two weeks have been super intense! 
On a more personal note, I need prayer guys! 
In a not so wordy or fancy way of saying it, I need money. Smooth, huh? Well, it's true. For outreach, I need about $2,500 more. So guys, I'm asking you guys to pray with me! Pray for peace as I wait on God. Pray for people to be led to give. Pray for my time to get all the funds we need. We only have a month until we head for Togo to see be used in lives being changed! 
Thanks for your support! 

If you want to give, you can do so online: